System Technologist II ( Public Trust )

  At the forefront of Interagency communications and operations management, and focused on services for Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and Response, Ikun specializes in Logistics Management, Mission Systems Support, Software Development and Data Center Management. The qualified candidate will have experience in tactical communications P25 integration; installation, operations, and maintenance; performing site surveys and preventative maintenance surveys; repairing and maintaining P25 infrastructure equipment; analyzing tower sites and identifying deficiencies/areas that require correction/repair; documenting condition of sites; preparing reports to document tower site status, repairs, and maintenance, monitoring leased circuits and checking parameters; documenting condition of circuits; re-establishing circuit connectivity and preparing reports to document circuit status and equipment connectivity.   System Technologist Tasks Inspect and test communications equipment/systems to ensure technical integrity. Recommends changes to the maintenance procedures, when directed by government's program manager. Recommend changes to equipment to improve system operation based on original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications. Provide design solutions whereby individual equipment meets current government client security standards. Review the design and development documents for communication equipment/system installation. The installation designs are unique and seldom repetitious. Provide security testing and assessment of equipment that has no Critical or High vulnerabilities. Brief management, exchange technical information, resolve communication system failures, provide support for identified requirements, discuss action plans, and/or coordinate efforts during professional contacts.  Must acquire access to government client's network to update and close Remedy tickets and respond to government emails. Make system modifications to adapt electronic and communication operations for specific projects and/or locations. Perform tactical communications integration, testing, programming, troubleshooting, and design Document condition of circuits. Perform site surveys and preventative maintenance surveys. Monitor leased circuits and check parameters. Coordinate efforts and work collaboratively with Field Support personnel to maximize operational availability of the LMR communications equipment. Provide O&M support and assistance on LMR communications equipment including supporting infrastructure, portable and mobile radios, fixed and mobile repeaters, base station radios, microwave systems, and other system devices used for interconnection forming the entire or part of the communication network. Work on new or large communication systems with numerous subsystems where preventative and corrective maintenance actions are completed to sustain operational capabilities. There are often external interfaces that significantly complicate troubleshooting Qualifications QUALIFICATIONS: Must possess an Associate's Degree w/a minimum of 10 years experience in tactical communications integration, testing, programming, troubleshooting, and design Must have experience in P25 LMR operations & maintenance management or related discipline, with 10+ years of progressive operations and technical service delivery experience. Must have working experience with knowledge of LMR technology and operations, digital communication system, Radio Frequency (RF) Networks, protocols, and Internet Protocol (IP) networking. Must be willing to travel to other site locations. Successful troubleshooting and checkout requires use of specialized techniques and test procedures, use of specialized test equipment, and extensive knowledge and experience in the O&M of the specific system. Work is primarily performed at field locations for inspections and/or direct repair operations. Work may require some strenuous physical exertion such as lifting heavy objects in excess of 50lbs., helicopter flights to remote locations, and crouching or crawling in small work areas. Must be able to work in extreme weather conditions may occur during job performance when outdoors. Must follow safety measure guidelines. IKU01063
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

Don't Be Fooled

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